Saturday, January 08, 2011

Scrub a Dub Dub

It's been a busy morning so far. I have tackled scrubbing the carpet in the office and dining room with a bucket of hot water with a little Clorox 2 added and a scrub brush. Yes, I do it the old fashioned way....on my hands and knees. It gives a good workout and the carpet comes out cleaner overall, I think. Having a light beige carpet with dogs and children running doesn't take long for it to get dirty. Eventually I'd like to change it to gray colored carpet.

Last night I hung curtains up over my closet. I had these curtains already on hand so it didn't cost me a penny! The curtain on Alfred's closet needs to be hemmed and I will tackle that this evening. 

I have so much work yet to do on this house. I'm still decluttering and deep-cleaning. One thing I need is shelves! I'm thinking about something like this, with different colors of course: 

It is so fun to dream and plan for the changes you want to make in your home. I will be doing a little at a time as I have the engery and finances for all the projects I want to tackle.

Happy Dreaming!

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Penelope said...

Omg, that room looks awesome!!! So organized, I'm impressed