Friday, October 22, 2010


Rosemi from Women of God tagged me to answer the following questions. So here goes...

1 Where do you dream of traveling to one day, and why?

I want to take my kids to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I have always wanted to go to the Magic Kingdom and it would be fun to experience it along with my kids.
2 What do you like to do for fun?

Oh, lots of things! I like to read, write, draw, sing, do crafts, spend a day at the beach, hang out with friends/family, browse thrift stores for treasures, do something creative to my home or garden....

3 What style of music do you prefer and why?

I like a little bit of almost everything - Christian, Pop, Country, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, Soft Rock, Oldies, Piano Sonatas, Bluegrass. I do not like Rap though.

4 What movies or TV shows do you like and why?

 The Sarah: Plain and Tall trilogy are my absolute favorites! I love Sarah's femininity and her free spirit. She is definitely no pushover, but she adores her husband, family, and home.

5 What Frustrates you and why?

I get highly frustrated with people who like to cause drama for others. This is not high school....get a life people!

6 What is your favorite food? And for dessert?

I love seafood and pizza! My favorite desserts are homemade and involve chocolate. :)

7 What is your favorite color?


8 Do you prefer cool or warmer weather and why?

I prefer weather that is not too hot or too cold. Living with RA, I swell in the Summer and ache in the Winter. I like a happy medium.

If you want to answer these questions on your blog, leave me a comment so I can visit and read your answers.


Rosemi said...

Thanks for participating Tracy. :)
And ditto for #5. That is the worst - well, not quite but yeah!


mikonogamumama said...

Very cute blog Tracy. Kenyanmom from debtproof living.

The Painted Garden said...

Hi Tracy,

It is very nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting my blog. I enjoyed visiting you and reading your blog posts.
Have a lovely week.