Thursday, October 21, 2010

Still Decluttering

I am still decluttering, focusing on one room/area each day. On top of that, there is the regular housework to stay on top of, and meals, and taking the dogs out millions several times per day. But it's all good. I love the sense of freedom that comes from releasing things no longer wanted or needed in my life and home.

Today there are bills to pay and grocery shopping to do. Perhaps a trip to the library for myself and the girls? I am trying to gather the courage to tackle the two closets in the master bedroom. With all of Alfred's Army gear, it seems to be an impossible feat to make it look nice and neat - but I shall do my best!


Tammy N said...

When you are finished come do mine! ;-D

Rhonda said...

Good morning Tracy
I have been decluttering off and on for months now. And un-clutter is so much better.
Where does all this stuff come from?

I do rememeber all the gear Jeff had as a Marine. It takes up lots of room. I just tried to keep a dedicated space/closet for it to keep it out of the way and all together.

LG said...

Yes, I'm like Rhonda been decluttering for a while now, everyone says take it slow...


But getting to the end is also good, the actualaim is to get a system that works...good luck!!

Penelope said...

I never stop decluttering. I can throw out bags of stuff, and still my house looks like a mess. There just isn't a place for everything.

Laurie said...

Hi Tracy,
It amazed me how much we constantly accumulate. I seem like I'm forever sorting through things. Lots of it is paper, magazines and such.

Rosemi said...

That's great Tracy! Your gonna be so happy when it's all done. Then you can just glide through your tasks quickly and effortlessly. I love my job when everything's decluttered.

Please stop by my blog if you can and see how I'm doing.



gail said...

You've inspired me Tracy. Have a great weekend.

Blessings Gail.