Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grocery Shopping and My Meal Menu

I did the grocery shopping for the week after having looked through my pantry and freezer to see what we had on hand and having made a menu for the week. I spent $68.16 not counting the pet food. Not too bad for a week's worth of groceries.

I have been trying to stock up on non-perishable food items, toiletry items, and the few cleaning supplies we do use a little at a time. This week I was able to buy four 48 oz. bottles of LouAna vegetable oil for $1.48 each with a raincheck I asked for last week. That alone saved me $7.24 because the regular price is $3.29 each. Maxwell house coffee was also on sale for $5.99 a canister....I saved $4.70 there. In all I saved $34.01 with my reward card and a $5 off $55 or more coupon.

Meals this week will be:

~ Pork chops, rice & gravy, green beans, homemade biscuits

~ Black-eye peas with cornbread

~ Tostadas with homemade refried beans

~ Spaghetti, corn, and homemade garlic sticks

~ Chili and cheese with crackers

~ Homemade red beans and rice with diced sausage

Breakfasts will be homemade muffins or pancakes with fruit.

Lunches are leftovers or sandwiches.

Desserts are home-baked treats such as cocoa, cookies, brownies and cakes all made from scratch.

Nothing says love like home-cookin'!


Tammy N said...

Do you have an Aldi's...I've read that you can do really good there...just take a quarter for their shopping cart! ;-D

~ ♥ Kelley ♥~ said...

Wow Tracy~you are doing great and your menu plan is great too!

I have such a hard time menu planning and I don't know why~ I just struggle through it~but I have decided that I am going to change the way I view it {with joy instead of dread}and maybe that will help?!

I was just thinking~does your church do Angel Food Ministries or Treasure Box~it's a wonderful program!
It's a blessing to so many...
If your church isn't there may be a church nearby doing it!

Here are the links for both:
{Hope you don't mind me sharing them}
Maybe they will be a blessing!

Wishing you a blessed day!

Tracy said...

Tammy, we don't have Aldi's down here. Wish we did...I have heard lots of great things about it!

Kelley, I have used AFM before, but haven't heard of Treasure Box. Thanks for sharing! I hope you find menu planning a little more enjoyable. :)

FlowerLady said...

You're doing good Tracy. One way we save $ is by being a member of SAM's Club. Granted, you have to buy quantity, but it saves in the long run.

We've tried AGF too, and it wasn't bad for the price, but I rarely buy processed foods, and there is some of that in their boxes. I've been cooking and baking from scratch since a newly wed as a young Navy wife a little over 41 years now. There is nothing like making your own. Much cheaper and better for you too.

Happy Home Caring ~ FlowerLady

Anonymous said...

Your menu sounds great! Would you be willing to share your black-eyed peas recipe and red beans and rice recipes? Southern cooking is so great as there are so many frugal recipes and you can't beat the down-home cooking taste either. :)


Rosemi said...

Good job on being frugal. Those meals sound delicious and hearty.
I love that!

My Vintage Studio said...

Your menus sound great for week.

Can you share your red beans rice recipe with us? Love this stuff!

Wishing you a wonderful week.
Hugs, Sharon