Tuesday, October 05, 2010

As Long As There Is Life Within Me...

These early days of Autumn are sheer bliss! There are cool breezes blowing through the trees, sounding like whispers. The sun shines, a golden glow against azure-colored skies. I try to spend as much time as I can basking in this glorious weather taking in the sights and sounds while the weather is nice. Often times I journal, sometimes read, but sometimes it's just nice to sit and be.

The Army NG took Alfred away from me overnight on Saturday. How I longed to hear his voice that night by phone, but he had no signal. He called as soon as he was able the following morning, asking me to meet him up the road from our home to take his gear home. Ever since he spent more than a year from us in Iraq in 2004, neither of us like to be apart.

Hearing his voice and being wrapped in his arms, I know all is well in my world. This man, the one who God gave to me, completes me and makes life worth living. How I want to be a blessing to him, all the days of my life!

She comforts, encourages, and does him only good as long as there is life within her.
Proverbs 31:12


Debra said...

Such a sweet post!

Thanks so much for your encouraging comments at my blog, Tracy. I appreciate each one!

I hope you're feeling better today. I was reading more about arthritis at Dr. Mercola's website and reading the comments from his readers, too, who also add good advice. It's wild how different people have discovered different natural forms of relief! Never give-up the search, ok? I believe your custom-made answer is just waiting for you to find it. I found my answers and they have changed everything and I'll believe that for you, too! Blessings, Debra

gail said...

Hello Tracy,

You sound in a pensive mood today, but sometimes its nice to have a day like that. You are a blessing to your loved one just by being there for him. Don't try to hard as it will only wear you out. Just be you and let life flow. Do what you can and leave till another day what you can't do. He loves you just for you. Enjoy the journey. Your writings are lovely and are a joy to read.
Blessings Gail