Monday, September 20, 2010

The Pond

Alfred, with the girls' help, finally got the pond painted! It looks 100% better. He's going to put a second coat on it this afternoon and then, after it dries, it will be ready for water.


Tammy N said...

Are you going to sink plants into it or just around it? Fish...will there be fish?

I've heard that you should use this type of paint on your concrete yard figurines to make them weatherproof.

Tracy said...

Tammy, I am going to fill the area around the pond with flowers. I'd like to make it a butterfly garden. We are going to put in a faux rock fountain with a pump and hopefully add fish & water lilies. We're going to start out with goldfish & if they can survive then we'll buy koi!

Laurie said...

Hi Tracy,
This will be so pretty! My daughter has a thing for koi fish.
Do you think your kitties will want to play with the fish?:)

Tracy said...

I hope not, Laurie! But we shall see I guess?