Saturday, September 04, 2010

A Little Bit of This and That...

Summer is winding down. The morning air is a bit cooler these days often accompanied by soft, gentle breezes. It's so nice and refreshing! I am looking forward to Autumn baking and Winter's comfort foods. With the Summer heat, I wasn't a very enthusiastic cook!

Zeus had us a bit concerned last night. He was staggering about, his equilibrium off balance. He had had shots on Thursday and had laid around much of the day. I suspected that was the problem, but still we tried to call the vet. We could not get in touch with him or any other vet! I suppose it was due to it being Labor Day weekend, but that did not ease our worried minds! This morning Zeus was back to his usual fun-loving self. All's well that ends well. *smile*

Financially, we are finally caught up on our bills! I have even started making small payments on a few small debts we have. I feel like progress is being made. It will take time to pay off all of our debt, but I am fully committed to doing so, and to be free from these shackles once and for all! I am tracking our spending and have a budget worked out. Alfred is now back at his civilian job, so prayers that work will be steady and he'll turn good hours each week would be greatly appreciated!

I went grocery shopping yesterday and spent $200 which is alot, but not too bad considering we were out of nearly everything and we are a family of 5 with four cats and three dogs! It's so nice to be stocked up on baking supplies once again. I can make a lot of different things to nourish my family just from basic supplies. Now my grocery bill should come back down to normal which averages about $125/week which includes pet foods, paper goods, and any health and beauty aids that may be needed. I think that is a perfectly reasonable amount - all considering.

I will sign off now to go enjoy time with my family. Wishing you a wonderful Labor Day weekend! 


FlowerLady said...

Congratulations on getting caught up with bills, and for starting to pay off your debts. Each bit paid off will make you feel so much freer.

Glad Zeus is feeling better today too.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

April said...

Do tell how you do $125/week. Our grocery bill is out of control (5 peeps, 5 dogs, two cats).