Monday, September 13, 2010

Creating a Beautiful Life

 It is my philosophy that you can create a beautiful life whether you have little or much. It's all a matter of priorities and what is beautiful to you.

Expensive furnishings do not guarantee a well decorated home filled with charm. I think it is rather fun to piece together your home with secondhand treasures - adding your personal touch as you go. And, oh the money saved by doing so! When you put your heart into making a cozy home, one can feel it when they walk into the rooms.

Meals need not be extravagant either. Simple meals can be both satisfying and nourishing when prepared with love. Gathering your family around the table at the end of the day to enjoy dinner and to reconnect, sharing the day's events with those they love most, can become a perfect end to the day. Perhaps there is soft music playing in the background and the candles are casting a soft glow over the meal table. A peaceful home doth good digestion make.

Gardening is highly rewarding and also a great teacher of patience. You can't plant a seed today and expect a harvest tomorrow. No, the garden must be nurtured and pruned, watered and weeded. It takes work as well as tender loving care. But most of all it takes time. Time spent out of doors in nature with your hands in the dark, rich earth, the sounds of birds singing and the wind whispering in the trees. Whether your garden is flowers, vegetables, or herbs (or all three!), the garden adds beauty to life.

Raising children is much like gardening in that it takes a lot of time, patience, and tender loving care. The seeds you plant today in your children's hearts, whether good or bad, will grow and eventually bloom. So it is important to plant seeds of beauty, love, and truth and to weed out the little thorns of disrespect, bad habits, and boredom. Just think of how in the not-too-distant future, for time does indeed fly, how nice it will be to be able to call your children your friends as well!

With creativity and a little imagination, there is no end to the beauty that can be had in one's life.

Wishing you a beauty-full day!


Tammy N said...

Great Post, Tracy! And every bit of it is oh so true!

Laurie said...

Hi Tracy,
I think we might be on the same wavelength today!
I so agree, it doesn't take much to add beauty to your life, and of course attitude makes such a difference.
I much prefer second hand items to new things nowadays. In fact there is very little new furniture I like (or could afford). Much of it is poorly made anyway.
I love this photo ~ I love clothes like this. Where's it from?

Have a great Monday!

Tracy said...

Laurie, the photo is from Atlier des Ours. :)

Mary Ann said...

beautiful post! I have always thought the very same thing!

Anonymous said...

Words of wisdom, Tracy, words of wisdom.
God bless, Kathy in Illinois

Rosemi said...

What a beautiful post. I will refer back to this way of thinking from now on. Thank you!

God bless you and stay in touch when you can.