Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Autumn Chill

Autumn has finally arrived here in the south!
The air conditioner is off and the windows are open.
The chill in the air is delicious!

It's time to pull out the Autumn decorations,
browse through cookbooks for comfort foods,
light lots of scented candles,
pull out cozy sweaters,
make hot cocoa with marshmallows,
and do lots of snuggling with my honey and children.


Tammy said...

I had my kitchen window open the other day and could have sworn I smelled marshmallows toasting on a fire...which very well could have been because the neighbors two doors down that way have an awesome fire pit.

Have fun snuggling!☺

Marisa @ Getting Back To Basics said...

All some of my favorite things. Autumn is always like a rebirth to me, which is why I think of it more as the new year than Jan. 1st.

Lee Laurie said...

So true! I've been baking all morning....with the windows open. :) I love it.

Rhonda said...

hi Tracy
our weather is cooler too, and our ac is off and the windows open
so nice!
I hope it lasts for both of us.

gail said...

Hi Tracy,
It is spring here in Australia and it is so lovely to rise at 5am with my cuppa and my journal. I sit on my verandah and watch the sun come up. It's funny how we look forward to the cooler months and then when they have been with us for awhile we look for those warmer months. I enjoy each season but I think Autumn is my fovourite. Have a great weekend.
Blessings Gail.