Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Countdown to Homeschool

This morning I felt a soft breeze that had the slightest hint of Autumn, reminding me that the Summer's heat will soon come to an end. We just have to hang in there a bit longer. This, too, shall pass for change is inevitable.

I have spent the morning puttering around the house, cleaning and organizing our homeschool things for bookwork starts Monday of next week. I can't say learning, for we are learning all of the time from everything we see, hear, and do. Real life is learning. If I had my way, we'd be unschoolers (no forced learning), but I have a husband to compromise with. *smile*

I put a stack of books on hold at the library to use in our homeschool. Dinoasaurs, fossils, Van Gogh, communities, people who help us, how people live in other parts of the world are just a few of the topics we'll be learning about together as our homeschool kicks off.

I want to create a nature table. This one is pretty. I love the bumble bee mobile! I have all kinds of projects and field trips planned. We are definitely not convential homeschoolers. No dry, boring curriculum here! I like to keep things interesting and fun for both the girls and myself.

It's now time for lunch and hungry children are waiting.

Ta ta for now!


sarah said...

It sounds wonderful. One warning about a nature table - they can be hell to dust! ;-)

Shannon said...

Hi Tracy!
Thanks for your comment tonight on my blog. I'm excited to see that you homeschool... I think I'll be heading in that direction. (or "unschooling") Good to know other mommy's who are out there doing it. I'll announce a winner next week. :)

Carolyn said...

It's always so exciting starting a new homeschool year. I miss it horribly :(
It's sounds like your getting everything in place and you'll be ready to go!
Wishing for peace, joy and adventure in your new homeschool year!

Hot Belly Mama said...

Here is the link to my new blog to add to your list:

Be sure to remove the old one "Hot Belly Mama"