Monday, July 12, 2010

Paring Down


Little by little I am paring down. I still have a long ways to go but I am in no hurry. As I pay attention to the little things that irritate me, I tackle the problem and release more stuff. It feels freeing to let go of things. 
~ ~ ~
Over the past several days I have gone through a stack of magazines - cutting out phrases and pictures to use for collages, which I put into a manilla envelope for later use. The magazines went into the recycling bin.
I went through the medicine basket and threw out several expired bottles.
I also pared down on the blogs I am following. I went from 204 blogs to 85.

What are you letting go of?


sarah said...

good job!

you followed 204 blogs? wow, my head is spinning! I don't even follow 85 and it still feels like too much for me ;-)

I have let go of some things recently, but they are more ephemeral than magazines and weblogs. They include expectations, people, guilt ...

Lyn said...

Hi Tracy,
Hello, and I hope you are having a good week! :) You're doing great in simplifying. I don't read many blogs much anymore as i just don't have the time or energy it seems (even though there are lots of wonderful people out there).

I feel the same as you do. I'm letting go of some things I felt I should do and trying to pare down errands when possible. The humidity/heat and I do not like each other much. :(

It is a good time of year to slow down and let go of things - paring down soothes the soul. I know it does for me.

Secret Garden Cottage said...

Hi Tracy,
It does feel good to get rid of things we don't use anymore, doesn't it...clear out the clutter!! That's why I always love having yard sales. I haven't had one in about six years, though...I think I'm overdue! ;o)
Your garden picture is very pretty!
Have a wonderful week.
~ Jo :)

cathleen said...

Just stopping in to say hi!!!Yesterday...I cleaned out my dresser drawers and all my bottles and bottles of nail polish I never use. Sent everything to my local thrift store. It felt really good. Letting go is a good thing and so freeing!