Monday, July 19, 2010

Learning Plans for 2010-2011

I have purchased the girls' homeschool books for math and handwriting, along with a book about the human body, Poetry for Young People by Maya Angelo, and Smart Lab You Explore It: Human Body.

I also have extensive book-lists for all the subjects we'll be studying, plus holidays. All of these books can be obtained from the library.

For Science, we'll be learning about Dinosaurs and Fossils; Animal Life Cycles and Habitats; Hibernation; Endangered animals, Birds and Insects; Human Body, Plants and Trees; Solar System, Weight and Gravity, Weather; and Simple Machines.

Artists we will study: Van Gogh; Picasso; Da Vinci; Henry Matisse; Georgia O'Keefe; Michaelangelo; Mary Cassat; Rembrandt; and Claude Monet.

Composers we will study: Beethoven; Mozart; Bach; Tchaikovsky; Chopin; Johannes Brahms; and George Gershwin.

For Social Studies, Community and Sociology; Culture; Economics and Business; Environment; Garbage and Recycling; Family; Government; Citizenship; Morals and Life Skills.

For Literature, we'll be reading:

Craft/Project ideas that I had for the coming year include:
~ Plant a butterfly garden
~ Nature Journals
~ Write pen pals
~ Decorate t-shirts
~ Build bird houses
~ Mini greenhouse (winter)

What are your learning plans for the coming year?


Terri aka PennyAnn said...

I could do that reading list right along with you all! I've read every thing on it except Caddie Woodlawn and Elsie Dinsmore. Good books Tracy, well worth having the girls read them!

sarah said...

that looks like a great year full of learning! I see from your reading list that you have really girly girls :-) Just like their mama! I'm impressed that you plan to read Jane Eyre. I've just finished teaching that to my 17 year old students.