Monday, July 12, 2010

A Change of Heart part 10

And so the days and weeks past. Jeremiah turned out to be a jack of all trades and helped out around the house with odd jobs and preparing dinner each night. Eliza purchased several sets of clothes and a warm jacket for him at the thrift shop. She also picked up new undergarmets and a pair of sturdy, comfortable boots for him as well. He was most appreciative of her good heart.

After a week of healing at home, Tyler returned to work. So far, he had stayed true to his word and had not touched a drop of alcohol. Eliza enjoyed having Jeremiah around. He was full of wisdom and she loved listening to stories of his childhood growing up along the bayous of Louisiana.

Even Tyler, who was usually stand-offish, took a liking to Jeremiah. They had many private conversations about troubles in this life and God. This gave Tyler much food for thought. After dinner, they sat out on the porch and listened to Jeremiah play the harmonica.

The neighbors and townspeople didn't know what to think at first of Jeremiah living with the Clarks. But as they got to know him, he became a beloved part of the community. Jeremiah even attended church with Eliza and they welcomed him with open arms.

Eliza attended Whispering Pines Assembly - a beautiful stone chapel with stained glass windows and an ornately carved steeple that was built one hundred years ago. It stood among the pine trees and you could hear the church bell for miles around. It was a quaint, peaceful place built on holy ground.

Thanksgiving was just around the corner and Eliza had to decide upon her menu and who she wished to invite to share a holiday meal with. She sat at the kitchen table with a pen and paper to make her plans. She decided upon turkey, cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes and turkey gravy, greenbean casserole, sweet potato casserole, corn, devilled eggs, buttered rolls and cranberry sauce. For dessert there would be pumpkin pie and gooney bird pie.

Her invitation list included Aunty Rose, Celia Sugarbaker who owned Sweets and Treats Bakery, Faye who was a waitress at Al's Diner, Greg from Expresso Cafe, widow Winchestor, Rick who worked at the bank, Mr. Dawson who was an elderly man who lived at the end of her street, and Tina who was a troubled teenage girl who she was mentoring through the Big Sister program. These were all people who were single and would be spending Thanksgiving alone.

Jeremiah offered to do the shopping for Eliza, so she gave him money and the keys to her car. In the meantime, she made phone calls to invite her friends over for her holiday dinner. They all graciously accepted her invitation. With that done, she pulled out her Thanksgiving decor and created a festive atmosphere.

She loved celebrating the holidays. She had been collecting holiday decorations throughout her marriage. She enjoyed rearranging furniture and accessories to make everything look fresh and new. She loved adding holiday and seasonal touches to her home decor.

By the time Jeremiah returned from the grocery store, Eliza had transformed her home and had created a cozy, beautiful atmosphere with pumpkins, pilgrim and Indian figurine couples, a ship that resembled the Mayflower, sunflowers, leaf garlands in the colors of crimson, amber, gold and burnt sienna.

"It looks real nice, Mizz Eliza." Jeremiah said with wonder as he looked around at her work. "You have such an eye for detail." "Thank you, Jeremiah. I called everyone on my guest list and they have all accepted my invitation." she said happily.

"How many guests will we have?" he asked in return."Seven guests. Ten in all including you, Tyler and myself." she said. "That sounds wonderful. I will help you with the dinner, of course." he said. "Oh, Jeremiah, I really appreciate it. You are such a big help to me!" she said with gratitude.
Copyright by Tracy Hathcock

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