Friday, July 30, 2010

Bird Capers

Two of our cats (Zoe and Clover) were chasing something in the yard late last night. Turns out it was a baby Brown Thrasher. We brought it inside and made a little "nest" for it, covering it with a sheet to keep it safe...but the baby bird had other ideas. It made it's escape and was hopping and flying about the house until I finally caught it and set it free outside!

Apparently our cats like to pull baby birds from their nests at night. A couple weeks ago we rescued two baby mockingbirds and released them the next day.

Life is never boring here!


Rhonda said...

oh my, an example of the circle of life.
both my grandmothers were bird lovers but they did not like cats at all - I guess this is why.

I remember in the country trying to eye-drop feed some baby field rabbits that lost their mother. But I can't remember how it turned out,

your are right, life is not boring, is it?

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading your Bird Capers post to my daughters. I read your blog daily, and it's nice to be able to show it to my children as well. I'm glad your cats are gentle with the birds! Keep posting. You are inspiring!!

joyce said...

One of my cats catches baby birds and brings them in to me as gifts. Unfortuantely, some of them are injured. I've had to call Animal Control to come get them, or take them to a local person who rehabs birds. I've been praying that God will keep the little birds safe and free from harm from my cat.

He is a very sweet cat, and he looks like an "angel" - all cream and pale gold and pink. His nose and paw pads are pink - giving him a gentle appearance. But, Basil is a fierce hunter. In addition to birds, he has brought in squirrels, rats, mice, frogs, lizards, and giant moths. Dead and alive - I've had to deal with his "trophies."

I wish he would just show his love by sitting in my lap and purring - which he does - more, instead of bringing in his prey.