Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tuesday Chat

Alfred and the kids just left, headed to Jacksonville to see Joel graduate from high school. So it's just me and the cats and the dogs until tomorrow afternoon.

Can you hear that?

It is so quiet. The silence is almost deafening.

I better enjoy while it lasts!

We have had a lot of rain lately. It's been great for the garden and my water budget, but not so great when it comes to me wanting to tackle yardwork. I can say this - I am getting stronger and building muscles from simply mowing, weeding the garden, digging up bushes, lifting, carrying, and raking. I'm getting a nice tan, too. It is wonderful!

 I'm almost finished reading A Year on Ladybug Farm. I have the sequel on hold at the library and am waiting for it to come in. Until then, I still have a stack of library books that I can savor:
A Place in the Woods by Helen Hoover
We Took To the Woods by Louise Dickinson Rich
Beyond Bear Lake by Anne LaBastille
(this was the only one of the Woodswoman books I could find through the interlibrary loan system)

I am keeping a list of books I read this summer. In the evenings I have started reading aloud to the family. We are currently reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary. It was my husband's favorite book as a child. I can't say that I've missed watching tv much at all. My time has been filled up with living life.

I am rediscovering myself and am redefining my life by my own values. I'm setting sail on a new voyage. I'm creating a life of simplicity, beauty, independence, self-sufficiency, and creativity. I'm learning I am stronger than I realized and that this world offers nothing compared to the peace I have found by pulling away from society's norms and expectations and turning towards the Creator.

At last I am living!



Rhonda said...

hi Tracy
enjoy your time alone - time alone always recharges me.
I watched I Remember Mama this weekend on your recommendation and it was so sweet.
We don't have cable, we do have Netflix and watch shows on our Roku box. I don't miss cable or the cable bill at all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the book suggestions-I am always up for a good read. You've also inspired me to get out in my yard today--I have some weeds that are calling my name. Enjoy your quiet time--we all need it sometimes. Great post! Holly

Laurie said...

Dear Tracy,
Oh how nice to have a little down time just to yourself.
We have been getting boat loads of rain as well. Our backyard is rather squishy at the moment.
Enjoy your reading ~ I am constantly having books put on hold for me at the library. It's the only way to go!

FlowerLady said...

Enjoy your alone time. The reunion/homecoming will be all the more sweeter if you are refreshed.

Your books sound good.

You sound like you are enjoying life and that's good too.


Lyn said...

I hope you enjoy the time you have at home to do whatever you wish. I'm sure you are keeping busy and don't forget to have some fun. :)

the simple woman said...

Hey Girl,
I love your little posts that you write. I am totally at a stand still with my blog, but am surely loving yours. Just letting you know how nice it is to read your rays of sunshine and I KNOW that those rays can be dim at times. xo

Anonymous said...

Once again, reading your post put a smile on my face. Enjoy you're quiet time. I'll have to see if my library has any of those books. So glad to see that your husband will be able to help out with the oil spill cleanup and lessen your financial concerns. God Bless You Tracy for all you share with us. What an encourager you are!!!
Char in Texas

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Tracy.
Sorry I haven't been to visit your blog lately.

Sorry to hear about the tough times your family is going through right now. Hope all turns out well.

Wishing you a wonderful day!
Hugs, Sharon