Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Heat and Limitations

It has been sweltering hot here and it will be months before there is any real relief in sight. The heat and humidity is doing me in and I've come to accept the fact that, while living with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have limitations. I am not super woman and will no longer attempt to try to do it all and then some in a day.

I have decided to go with the flow. I list 6 things I want to accomplish each day around the house and yard (beyond daily maintenance) and that will have to be good enough. My focus will be creating a comfortable (read not spotless) home for my family, preparing good meals and snacks, keeping the yard clean and spending time with my family.

If I can get my work done early in the morning, then I can enjoy creative pursuits such as reading, cross-stitching, drawing, crafts, and doing things with the kids.

Since Alfred has gone on active duty orders, our time together is limited. He is up by 4:15am, leaves for duty an hour later, and returns about 4:15pm. He is outside all day in this heat and is exhausted when he comes home and turns in for bed between 8-9pm. We have such little time together these days. I want to make the few precious hours we do have together count.

Another limitation is the use of my car. Alfred has to drive to Mobile (a 45 minute drive, one way) each morning which leaves me homebound. Grocery shopping and trips to the library will have to be done after he gets home in the afternoon. I don't mind it very much as I am home most of the time anyway.

This summer I am learning to slow down, keep cool, and go with the flow of whatever life throws my way. It is about accepting what is and working with my limitations. It's not always a bad thing. I choose to make the most of the situation and look to the bright side.  


Debra said...

Oh Tracy! Please do as much research into RA as you can online. Dr. Mercola's website is a good place to start (google him, go to the site and just plug in arthritis in the search box. You may have to register for the free newsletter first. It's worth it.).

Dr. Don Colbert is good, too (he's a Christian and has helped thousands of people by getting them to change their diets and lifestyles). You can use his search box or click on 'articles.' You can friend both these guys on FB, also.

RA runs in my family bigtime and years ago I was having real problems. But! I start reading like crazy on the Net and found some things which have helped me so much that, for years, I've had almost no problems! I had to cut back on decaf coffee, eliminate dairy (especially cheese and yogurt), and cut back on sugar,chocolate, starches and tomatoes/tomato sauce. Oh, and I had to stay as active as possible.

And well, all these 11 years later I feel better than I ever did back then when I was just 40! (At one point back then, I was so stiff that I had to ask Tom to zip up my dresses and button small buttons. That's how bad it was.)

So please, let this give you hope, ok? And please know I am believing you will find the key for yourself, too. So often there are natural ways to keep our bodies running great and to even allow them to heal themselves. Blessings, Debra P.S. I still can't handle high heat with high humidity,though... but hey! *No one* should have to work in those kinds of conditions. heh... :)

Laurie said...

Dear Tracy,
It has been terribly hot and humid here lately. The heat really does drain you ~ take care of yourself and take it easy.

We have been a 1 car family for several years. My kids own (and bought) their cars which are never here (work/school). I don't mind being at home all day ~ I do have my bike if I want to go to the library or corner store.

Keep cool!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I love the idea of listing 6 things to accomplish each day. I don't do this every day, but on the days I do make a list, I feel like I get much more accomplished. I should just make a list everyday. Thanks for this idea.
I'm glad the orders came through for Alfred and he has steady work.

The Girl in the Pink Dress said...

Ah ha, this sounds just like me. It's so hard for me to slow down and realize that I can't do it all. I hope you feel better and that the humidity lifts! I'm fine with heat, but when it's humid...ugh. Hope all is going well!
The Girl in the Pink Dress

Rhonda said...

it is hot here too, and humid. But that is normal.

I hope Alfred's active duty is going well - that oil spill is sure a mess and I can't even imagine how it is ever going to be fixed.

I love staying home and I hope you enjoy your days without a car at home too

Lyn said...

I could relate to just about everything you shared in this post. I think it's great that you see what you are able to do and let the rest go. I try to do the same (although I'm not perfect of course). Being home is nice I find and I'd rather be here than running around all the time. Lots of blessings with that. Hope you feel better.