Sunday, June 13, 2010


This week I am thankful for:

~ OTC medicine to help ease arthritis pain so I can sleep well at night.

~ Good books to read from the library.

~ I had a flat tire this week and Alfred fixed it,  put on new brake pads, and did an oil change.

~ Trying new recipes.

~ Air conditioning on these hot, humid days!



Rhonda said...

isn't it nice having a hubby who can take care of our vehicle?

Stephani said...

I'm thankful for air conditioning too, especially since we don't have it! :) Just took a cold shower a bit ago to cool down. It's 91 degrees outside, and 90 in our house. ~ It's great to have a good man to rely on isn't it? ~ Have a great week!

Lyn said...

Hi Tracy,
Thanks for stopping by and I'll send up a prayer for you.

I always enjoy your gratitude lists and wanted to ask if you wouldn't mind if I could borrow the idea? I think it's always a good thing to try and see the blessings in life (I know I sometimes need to be reminded).

Have a lovely rest of the week.