Thursday, June 03, 2010

Garden Dreams

Alfred and the children made it in from Jacksonville yesterday afternoon, along with Joel, who gets to stay the entire summer with us before beginning college in the fall. I can't begin to tell you what a blessing that is!

I was able to go grocery shopping today. This is not one of my favorite things to do, but I shall never complain again after having to depend on charity last week. I'm thankful it was available to us, but I much prefer buying my own foods!

After reading, A Year on Ladybug Farm, I seriously want to grow more of my own foods and learn how to preserve them. Though we live in the suburbs, our home is situated on nearly an acre of property. We already have a pear tree and a couple of satsuma trees, but I'd like to grow a variety of berries, more vegetables, and perhaps even plant a few more fruit trees in the future.

I do much of the yardwork myself now. Of course, there are some things I need help with. But I find such satisfaction in being in the great outdoors working in my garden and yard. I love seeing progress made and I have dreams of future projects permeating my thoughts. Of course, projects will be done a little at a time, as finances allow....but it costs nothing to dream. In the meantime, I will learn all I can about gardening and preserving foods.



Carolyn said...

Before we moved to our present house, we lived on an acre and a half lot in the city. We had glorious gardens! A huge vegetable garden, an herb garden and various flower beds. I miss it so much. Even though it's alot of work it's immensely satisfying to be eating something in January that you gre yourself the previous summer. Enjoy!

cathleen said...

Hi Tracy! Gardening is soul food!!! Glad you are reaping the benefits of nature. It's quite hard work but also very soothing. Have a lovely weekend.

Debra said...

Oh, just now noticed that you'd read A Year On Ladybug Farm. Wasn't it a fun book? And definitely inspiring. I'm so glad you are enjoying becoming a farm girl like I am! :) Blessings, Debra

Rosemi said...

"I love seeing progress made and I have dreams of future projects permeating my thoughts. Of course, projects will be done a little at a time, as finances allow."

I'm with you there Tracy. :)

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I'm catching up with reading posts and I wanted to say that I'm sorry for the passing of your husband's dad. I hope that your husband is able to receive a steady paycheck for awhile too. We've been through the variable pay in the past too, and I know how much harder it is to budget around that.
I have a little garden, but I think it ends up costing us more in water than we glean in produce. We don't get much rain around here. Still, it's nice to grow our own and i wish I could grow more.
Btw, what is a satsuma tree? I've never heard of that.