Saturday, June 26, 2010

7 Takes

1. The yard has been mowed once again and one more bush has been dug up from around the pond. It is ridiculously hot and humid out. Is it too early to begin yearning for Autumn?

2. Kendall is considering joining the military. I began crying at the thought of my firstborn being away from home for months at a time. He's no longer a baby, but is growing up to be a young man. I don't know that my mama-heart is ready for this {is anyone's?}. If he decides to join, he will have our full support.

3. After three weeks of working seven days a week, Alfred has this weekend off. I am enjoying having my man home. I've missed him. Tonight's plans includea movie and lots of snuggling.

4. We have a baby opposum living somewhere in our yard. I have seen him three times usually late at night and twice he was on the porch eating catfood! Alfred wants to set a live trap for him so we can relocate him. He made be on his own for we haven't seen mama oppossum. Poor little critter!

5. I am getting ready to declutter - books and clothes in particular. Oh, and let's not forget papers! Eye-yi-yi! How do they accumulate so fast?

6. I can't get into my library books. I am finding myself  being restless, distracted, and well, just blah feeling lately. Maybe it's hormones. Maybe it's the summer heat. Whatever it is, I wish it would go away!

7.  I found a sweet blog called A Moment Cherished yesterday. Tiffany is a sweet soul who's adjusting to life as a new pastor's wife. She is married to Jim and they have two adorable kiddies. She is a great photographer, too. Confession: I read through all of her archives yesterday and today!


Susan in SC said...

I can't believe that Kendall is old enough to join the military. Where has the time gone?!!

Tracy said...

Susan, he is 17 but turns 18 in January. Time has flown by. I wish I could rewind the clock and do it all over again. :)

rox said...

what a gorgeous garden ! I also love the top pic of the angel surrounded by the roses .
Thanks so much for sharing

Melanie said...

Is that your yard/garden in the photo above this post?? If so, it is GORGEOUS!


Lyn said...

I am happy for you that your husband is home. It must be very hard work dealing with the oil spill situation. It's so very sad and I have a hard time thinking about it all as I'm sure many are.

I think we must be feeling the same - I have been unable to focus as well these days.

Enjoy your time with your family!

Tracy said...

Hi Melanie! I wish that was my yard! I have a long ways to go yet before mine will even look near as pretty. We are still digging up bushes and hope to start planting flowers next Spring.

agsgrl said...

Your yard is absolutely beautiful! You truly have a gift! I think it is this hot weather--I live in Texas and have found myself a bit restless too. For me it is wanting to be outdoors more, but in this 100 degree heat it is hard! I too look forward to the crisp fall weather! I suppose the heat of summer makes me enjoy fall all the more. Have a wonderful weekend with your family, and thank you for your great posts--you really inspire me! Thanks! Holly