Monday, May 03, 2010

A Perfect Day

Yesterday I was thinking about what I would do if money were no object in my life. What would a perfect day look like? I would spend my days being creative.

I would work on my house and yard. Find interesting pieces to make over for decoration. I'd plant tons of flowers with places to sit and enjoy nature's beauty. I'd have a small veggie patch and would turn the pond into a small rock waterfall. There would be a birdbath, birdhouses, and garden statues.

I would spend time reading, praying, journaling, stitching, and crafting. I'd visit the beach more often and explore our local area. I'd visit the thrift stores more often to look for clothing and houseware items on a budget. I would bake and cook from scratch - and enjoy it. I'd try new recipes. 

I would listen to more music, watch good movies, play more games with my children, eat al fresco, learn new skills, speak my mind, draw, paint, laugh more, dance, wear peasant blouses and gypsy skirts with a scarf tied around my head whilst I'm barefoot in the garden.

I would step outside of my comfort zone. I would connect with people, be an encourager, gentle, kind, walk in love, and forgive easily. I would be open and giving, unafraid to let my vulnerability show.

I would have company over more. I'd be creative in my daily life, go on meandering walks, keep a nature journal, take cake decorating classes, start a monthly book group, watch the stars, a sunrise, or a sunset. I would wake up excited about each new day and go to bed at night thankful, satisfied, and content.

What a perfect day look like for you?



the simple woman said...

Ah Tracy girl...90% of those things you listed YOU can do now with little to NO money. I love your list!!!

Which book would you use for your monthly book club? That sounds like something that would be much fun!

Hugs! me

Tracy said...

Peggy, I'm not sure what book I would choose as I love so many books. I am thinking a fiction read would be nice, particularly if it was filled with domestic details. Do you have any suggestions?

Gae said...

Dear Tracy,
I love this list and it is food for thought
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I love that your list is really just more of what you already do, only richer or a little stretching. It's an intriguing question and I'll be thinking about it today :-)


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Tracy, just popped onto your lovely blog. Your perfect day pretty much matches mine =)

Have a great new week! xx

Laurie said...

Hi Tracy,
What a lovely list, we have so much in common.

Ariadone said...

Hello Tracy,I think you hardly need much more money...but you need more time, an extra lifetime perhaps..or: you could make a plan per month instead of a are alraidy enjoying many good days.
So am I
Lieve groeten
Godeliva van Ariadone