Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Imagination Echoes Life

Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be. ~Grandma Moses

Many of you noticed that yesterday's post echoes my real everyday life with the exception of a few things. I thought it was very interesting that if money were no object I would choose to focus on being creative in and about my home and doing more. My idea of a perfect day does not revolve around spending lots of money - even if I had it to spend!

Living a wonderful life is not dependent on having a lot of money. In fact, many times having a lot of money hinders creativity. Why make cookies or curtains, for example, when you can just go out and buy them? It is all about personal satisfaction and fulfillment. I like to make things. It's fun to try something new. It makes life more interesting and I become just a tad more self-sufficient each time I do instead of buy.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Sure the big events are fun, but every-single-day should be special and interesting. Challenges are only a reminder for us to use our creativity. They are not meant to keep us down, but we are to overcome them and carry on!

Grandma Moses was right. Life is what we make of it - good or bad.

Which do you choose?



the simple woman said...

"In fact, many times having a lot of money hinders creativity." Truer words have never been spoken...you are flourishing for sure dear friend!! It shows in your blog! YOU are an inspiration to little ole me! HUGS!

P.S. As far as what book...I venture for you to decide, perhaps see if there is interest to form an online summer book club and then create a list of a few book titles to pick from OR one that you love!! I would love an easy read, something summery perhaps and then chat time for us women :-)

Stephani said...

I agree! I did need to hear this quote today though. I think I've been overreacting to the negativity in my life. It is what I make of it!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Hi Tracy,

I copied this Grandma Moses quote a few years ago for a story that I wrote for a newsletter, and it is true, that despite life's ups and downs, it is up to us to make what we will of every day. She is a favorite of mine, and so inspiring, I think. She reminds me to not give up on myself creatively, even though there are days when I think I'm never going to be able to accomplish the things I hope to, in this lifetime.

I like to make things too, and I feel the same way about the way that having less, can often create more in life, of the important things. I'd much rather have a picnic of sandwiches with a view of the water, than a fancy dinner in a snooty restaurant, anytime. When we bring ourselves to the things that we do and make, we often end up with lovely surprises.