Friday, May 07, 2010

Creative Home Projects

My beautiful chandelier is finally hung up! Mama bought this for us shortly after we moved in back in February after I showed it to her at Lowe's. This picture really does not do it justice!

This old candlestick holder before....

...and after with a fresh coat of Watermelon pink spray paint.

This month's display on top of the tv in the living room...

I had recently purchased soft pastels and this is my first picture using this medium.

What creative projects have you done in or around your home lately?



Carolyn said...

Creative projects are something that are sadly lacking in my life at the moment. When you're burnt out, tired out and just plain exhausted it seems like such a "big" deal to create. But I'm wondering if I could just force myself to forge ahead, maybe it would feed me rather than deplete me. Something for me to consider. But not today because I have to work! Lol
I love the colour you chose to paint the candleholder. It looks luscious! And your beach portrait is very nice :)
So many talents Tracy!

Rhonda said...

looks pretty Tracy - your new light fixture is great and I really like your pastel work.

around my house, I am working on some sewing projects - made a curtain for our bathroom, valances for Nina, a few more burpcloths and bibs, and I have some new aprons for me started.

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Tracy,
Thanks so much for following my blog! Have a wonderful weekend.