Thursday, May 20, 2010


To change one's life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions.
~William James

 Changes. A lot of people don't like them, but they can be good, positive, and much needed. People are creatures of habit and sometimes we just need to shake things up to get ourselves out of the ruts of our own making. We must quit sleep-walking through our days for days make up a life. I don't know about you, but I want to live a life that is well-lived!

What does that mean? A well-lived life?

Well, for me, it means:
~ Actively practicing gratitude - not just when things are blissful, but even on the dark days. There is always a silver lining amongst the storm clouds.

~ Taking time out of each day to do things I enjoy: reading, journaling, or arts and crafts. All work and no play makes Tracy a dull girl.

~ Go exploring: our neighborhood, town, and county. I'm going to start looking for interesting places that I've never visited before. I can pretend I'm a tourist and have fun with it.

~ Slow down and be mindful. Drive slower and enjoy the passing scenery. Eat my food slowly, savoring the sights, tastes, and textures. Go about my work - inside or out - in a meaningful way instead of rushing to get it over and done with. The work isn't going anywhere, so I may as well make it as enjoyable as possible.

~ Continue learning and growing. Money-saving techniques, expanding my cookery/bakery skills, gardening, spiritual life, trying new craft techniques - oh, there is so much that I still want to learn and do!

~ Being generous with my time, money, and possessions. Jesus said it is better to give than receive. I want to be able to give more than what I am currently able.

~ Living a life of love - of myself and others. I am a little fluffier than I'd like to be, but I am coming to appreciate my body right now as it is. I'm no longer 16 years old. Nope, I'm 35 and have birthed three children which is a miracle in itself. I also want to love others where they are without judgement or trying to change them. Love and acceptance goes a long way in building people up and how much it is than tearing people down and living a life dripping in bitterness and resentment?

There is more I could write, but I think you get my point. I want to live a life of my own making. Call me a rebel if you must. I personally prefer eclectic. *grin* Life is what you make of it, so you may as well make the best of it!



Lisa in Texas = ) said...

As I read through your list - I could so see those very things being things that I want in my life as well. That is one of the best things about reading blogs is being reminded of the important things in life.
Lisa :o)

gail said...

As Lisa has said , these are the important things in life. Learning to appreciate each moment. I loved reading your blog today Tracy. You have helped to lift my spirit. Thank you so much.

Blessings Gail