Thursday, April 01, 2010

Saving Money, Outdoors, and Fitness

Earlier I did my grocery shopping. I had set a $100 budget for grocery which includes pet needs and toiletries, coming in at just over the budget by 42 cents. I saved $54.15 - $6.20 in coupons, $47.95 in reward card savings. I even managed to get a free gallon of milk (buy 4 boxes of Kellogg's cereal for $10 - $1.50 coupon off 2 boxes) and $4 off entire total for buying 2 bottles of Clorox bleach and 2 bottles of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. Overall I did very well, I think.

Finances are going to be tight this month. We have Alfred's son, Joel, coming down for Spring Break. That means extra gasoline going to and from Jacksonville, FL twice and extra food expenses while he's here. We'll have to tighten our belts, but it is do-able. I'm tracking what we spend in an effort to further reduce/eliminate expenses in the future.

I'm being extra diligent about keeping lights and electronics off and reminding the children to do the same. We haven't really had to run the air conditioning much and I really do not want to unless absolutely necessary. We'll be getting March's utility bill soon and I'm anxious to see what it is and if we can reduce it next month.

I just came inside from doing a little more work in the yard - weeding around the pond, picking up fallen branches, and cutting down baby oak trees that are trying to spring up. Bit by bit things are looking better. Kendall is mowing the grass as we speak.

Not long ago I posted a picture of a tree, of which we have about five of, in my yard wanting to know what it was. A couple of you said it looked like a Rhododendron. We have seen the first blooms today! Pink, glorious pink blooms! One of the pecan trees is beginning to bud. I guess it heard us wondering aloud if it was dead or alive, determing that if it were indeed dead we would cut it down. Hee!

I had a good hour-long workout this morning at the gym. A great way to kick off the day. Now I am off to do a little more around my home. Hope your afternoon is wonderful!

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sarah said...

You inspire me with your ability to save money. I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow and shall keep your example in my heart! It's only recently that I've done something as simple but sensible as keeping my grocery bill so I know exactly what each item costs so I can plan next week's list more precisely.