Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Birthday

Ya'll have all heard me talk about Alfred, my handsome husband, here on my blog. Today is his 38th birthday! In honor of his birthday, I will share 38 reasons why I love him to pieces:

1. He's incredibly handsome!
2. He is so strong and manly.
3. He works hard to provide for our family.
4. He is very smart and comes up with solutions I would never think of.
5. He makes me laugh every day.
6. He gives awesome massages!
7. He is supportive of my dreams.
8. He is not afraid to try new things and encourages me to try new things, too.
9. He likes to spend time with me.
10. I love the look and shape of his hands...
11. His long eyelashes...
12. And full lips....
13. He is very photogenic.
14. He raves about my cooking.
15. He's a natural born leader.
16. He has a great personality.
17. He makes friend easily. I envy him that.
18. He's the best at his job as a diesel tech.
19. He is honest with his customers and doesn't try to rip people off just to make a dollar.
20. We share a love of music.
21. He'll watch a chic flick with me occasionally.
22. He is a big kid at heart.
23. He loves me as I am.
24. He calls me his "sexy mama". :)
25. He loves nature and the outdoors.
26. He knows a lot about many things, not from schooling but from life experiences.
27. He gives good advice.
28. He loves chocolate, like I do.
29. I love the way he talks to our pets - not in big strong man way, but a slightly higher-pitched, baby talk way.
30. He is a good father.
31. He is laid back and easy-going.
32. He is my knight-in-shining armor.
33. He listens to me when I need to talk, without judgement.
34. He never fails to tell me he loves me.
35. He is understanding of the times I don't feel well.
36. He loves to see me smile, listen to me laugh, and hear me sing.
37. He misses me whenever we are apart and thinks of me throughout the day.
38. He is my one and only true love!

Happy Birthday, honey. I love you so very much!

Yours always,


Gayla said...

Aw... How perfect. I am glad to see so many lovable reasons. Be happy together. Life is preciously short and sweet. Hugs.. Gayla

My Vintage Studio said...

Happy Birthday to your DH!

Nice tribute to him today!

sarah said...

happy birthday to your dh :-)

Sandcastle Momma said...

Happy Birthday Alfred!
And what a great example for your girls - with a Dad like that they won't accept less when they choose their own man.

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday to Alfred...what a great tribute to him.