Friday, April 30, 2010

Be Encouraged

In today's troubling times, it's easy to want to throw your hands up in the air and give up. I certainly felt that way yesterday. Discouraged, I sought inspiration and encouragement through Connie's writing about Frugal Housewifery. I could feel determination and moxie rising up in my spirit. I determined right then and there that I would not give up. Instead, I would fight tooth and nail to live a beautiful life within our means.

Make a home for your family with your hands. Learn the skills of homemaking. Learn to make something out of nothing. ~ Connie Hultquist

The best way to let go of worry and find peace is for me to get busy in my homemaking. While I am busy cooking and baking to make a full pantry, cleaning and puttering, stitching, or working in the yard - I am able to release the worries that threaten to weigh me down. Creative ideas often come to me during this time that I am able to use within my home or solve the current problem.

Fear comes in as folks have no plans for what they will do in an emergency. If Mother is happy & content, the rest of the family will follow. Mother makes the home a place of rest. And if the family sees Mother making a game of it or taking it in stride, then they will, too. We just have to pray and ask the Lord what to do. ~ Connie Hultquist

So this is my plan:

~ Stay in the Word, pray without ceasing, and obey God in all things - big or small.

~ Get deeply into my homemaking & keep the homefires burning.

~ Make as much as I can from scratch.

~ Be content with what I have.

~ Save, save, save.

~ Walk in love.

It's okay to be poor. It ain't a sin - it's just uncomfortable. ~ Connie Hultquist



Rosemi said...

Aaaw, I love Connie. Isn't she wonderful?! I posted her gadget on my sidebar.

Rhonda said...

Tracy, I loved your post! I've found that when I'm worried, I have a tendency to clean house like a "mad" woman! My husband and children stay out of the way until the house is spotless and I'm calm & serene. :-)
Have a wonderful evening.