Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Chat

Last night, I had three hours of quiet bliss. I was home alone while Alfred took Kendall to his scuba diving class and the girls went along with them. How I enjoy these rare times of complete solitude! I spent my time reading my Bible, writing in my prayer journal, and watching The Biggest Loser.

I fell outside while taking the dogs out last night. I am a little sore and bruised, but overall am okay. My pride was hurt more than anything. Thank goodness no one saw me! 

The sun is shining right now, but more rain is expected today with thunderstorms into the night. I won't complain too least it is warmer. Winter is losing its grip making way for Spring. Hurray! We have been able to leave the heat off for the past couple nights. I hope this trend continues for a bit as to lessen the electricity bill.

 Not much is planned for today. I finished unpacking everything last week, so all that is needed is just a general tidying up, go through the store circulars to match sale items with coupons and make out my week's menu and shopping list. I am also hoping to finish my current read by Paula Deen's husband today so the girls and I can go to the library tomorrow after we tackle the grocery shopping.

Hope your day is wonderful!


sarah said...

I'm glad you're okay after falling.

You have such a beautiful gentle way of describing your day.

Rhonda said...

I'm enjoying the warmer weather and we have had our heat off for several nights too. However since the humidity has moved in, we have turned on the air conditioning.
I'm glad you're okay after your fall. Enjoy your library time tomorrow. The librarians are really nice at your new library.

Rhonda in OK said...

it has been raining here too

be careful! I am glad you were not hurt bad, us moms have too much to do to get slowed down by an injury, don't we?