Thursday, March 11, 2010

Grocery Shopping

The girls and I did the grocery shopping this morning, hitting three different stores to match sales with coupons. Now I am tired! I am not one of those girls who can shop 'til they drop.

I am still trying to get this whole couponing thing down. I do pretty good, but know I could do a whole lot better. I suppose I just need to study the art of couponing more and keep tweaking it until I am happy with my results.

Alfred is taking Kendall to scuba diving class tonight, so the girls and I will hang out here at home. The rest of the day will be pretty leisurely ~ a little tidying up around the house, a trip to the library for more books, and if I'm lucky, a nap.

Be blessed!

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Rhonda in OK said...

grocery shopping is tricky! and the deals really depend on what stores are in your area too

my town is small and I really only get deals at Walgreens but I just concentrate on them when they have things we need

hope you got that nap, I took a short one this afternoon while I held sleeping Gavin