Wednesday, March 03, 2010


The sun has returned after a couple of gloomy days filled with rain, clouds, and cold. Local meteorologists are calling for a warming trend with temperatures near 70! Spring is coming, oh yes indeed!

Our girls have made friends with several children on our street. It makes me happy that they now have a variety of playmates. Where we lived before there was only one family with children {the rest of our neighbors were elderly}.

We've had fun exploring our "new" town. We've gone to the park, the library {it's two stories!}, various grocery stores, the gym, and the mall. Once it warms up we'll be able to be out and about more finding things of interest to explore.

What are you most looking forward to with Spring's return?


Loui said...

just discovered your adorable blog..
decided to become a follower!
am trying to decide where you live in Alabama..for some reason,
I'm thinking either Montgomery
or 231 south, Troy, perhaps?
I am a Florida beach girl..
native Pensacolian,
but now am in Denver,CO.
Panama City, Fl..
will be my new home
in a year or so when I retire,,
So looking forward to..
Springtime in the South again!
even with my allergies!
warmest hugs..
laughing smiles..

Tracy said...

Loui, I live in Foley - not far from Gulf Shores. Believe it or not, I lived in Pensacola until we moved to Alabama when I was 10 years old. So glad to "meet" you!

cathleen said...

Welcome Spring, for you anyway! We are still covered in snow. There are so many things about spring I'm looking forward to but I think opening every single window in the house tops my list.

Stephani said...

It sounds like you had fun exploring the town! Our temperatures are a little lower than yours, but creeping up! It feels as if a weight is being lifted. I'm sure the whole country will be glad to see Spring after this winter. I hope you enjoy your new town and all it has to offer!

The Muse said...

oh joy!
what a glorious image...
almost like a promise :)

Jane said...

We are finally enjoying signs of spring after a long winter of way too much snow! I've been keeping pretty little flowers in miniature glass bottles on the windows all over the house :)