Friday, February 19, 2010


I thought it would be nice for each of the kids to have personalized signs to hang in their rooms. I purchased three art canvases at Walmart for $5.47 each. I already had pink and purple paint, but I spent about $4 on black and orange. Then I spent about $8 on these scrapbook pretties.

Isn't the blue background pretty? That is the color of the girls' room.

Kenzie's sign is purple because that is her favorite color. It was my favorite too when I was a kid.

Kayla is pretty in pink. She shares my love for pink pretties.

A close-up of her sign. The butterfly decals are 3D. Aren't they cute?

Kendall's room is going to be a blue-green shade so we needed a contrasting color for his sign.

He is into the beach scene - surfing, music, palm trees and pretty girls! *grin*

It was a lot of fun working on their signs. I love doing crafty things!

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Gae said...

Dear Tracy,
Great looking signs. I wanted to make flag banners for our children years ago. We were going to fly them on importatn days like birthdays etc. We started to make them from fabric and sewing designs on. I got ovhawhelmed and gave it up but you have inspired me again.
I love how we can be inspried by others creations.
Thank you