Thursday, February 11, 2010

O Winter, how long do you plan to stay?

It is so cold freezing here in south Alabama. We had sleet earlier today which has since turned into a light rain. The possibility of a "wintry mix" has been forecasted. The girls are excited. They want snow and we haven't had snow here since 1996. Kayla was just a baby then. 

Me? I want sunshine and Spring!

I have stayed consistently busy with unpacking and setting up house. It all seems never-ending. I still haven't the first picture hung. Perhaps tomorrow... Rome wasn't built in a day after all, especially when one has meals to prepare, a bazillion loads of laundry to tackle, and children to oversee.

Even though I am still collapsing in sheer exhaustion at night, I can not complain. The good Lord blessed us with this home after many years of Alfred and I dreaming and longing for a home of our very own. He really does grant us the desires of our hearts. It may not come as soon as we would like, but God's timing is perfect.

Goodnight and sweet dreams...


The Muse said...

Tracy, I keep you lifted in prayer..that you may gain strength..and meet your goals...and yet...enjoy every moment of this time, which will all too soon become a memory!

FlowerLady said...

Hope the girls do get their wish for a little snow. As a kid it is so exciting, especially if you've not had any in years. Hang in there Tracy, pretty soon you'll be out playing and creating in your new gardens.

Have a lovely Valentine's Day.