Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Home Corners

It has been an exhausting several days, yet good in so many ways. It feels as if I have worked nonstop since Saturday. I fall into bed each night completely worn out. Alfred reminds me to slow down and take breaks, but it is hard to do when you see work that needs to be done all around you.

The above picture is the nook above my kitchen sink. The large rose plate to the left was a thrifting treasure I found for $2. I will be sharing more pictrures as I get things done around our home.

Alffred's sister, Kim, and I are working together to get the kids' bedrooms painted. We got the first coat of paint on the girls' room last night. It needs one more coat before we unpack things and decorate. We haven't started on Kendall's room yet, but it's next on the list.

May you have a lovely afternoon!


Stephani said...

Love that plate. I think I'm really gonna like this kitchen! My kitchen is green, white, and pink. I know how it is when you have a decorating project, you just don't want to quit until it's done. Try not to run yourself ragged though! By the way, I was wondering how you got the cool font for your blog?

The Muse said...

hello, Tracy, don't you love those days...when such progress can be seen..and there was joy in the doing? pride in the achieving?
i bet the girls are going to love their new room design!

i smile at your kitchen valance...that says exactly what home should be :)

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FlowerLady said...

Dear Tracy ~ I just love that first glimpse of your new home. It's in the kitchen, where so much of a woman's work is done, where family interaction happens, where love flows. I'm already loving your new home and am really happy for you and your family.


Suzie Ridler said...

Well that says home to me! Is it Tracy? Are you in there now?! I hope so, loving it already.

Anonymous said...

It looks lovely, Tracy. Can't wait to see more! Kathy in Illinios

sarah said...

happy housewarming!! Your shelf is wonderful ... and I just know you are the sort of person who will dust it often too!

FlowerLady said...

I thought for sure I left a comment to your lovely posting of your first picture in your new home. I will try again. I can imagine how much fun you are having in spite of the work you are doing in setting up your new home.

Enjoy and be sure to take breaks so as not to wear yourself out.


Tracy said...

Stephani, here is the link to change the font on your blog:


Suzie, yes we have been in the house since Saturday night!

The Muse, we finished painting the girls room last night, so we'll be working on getting them settled in today. They are so excited!

Sarah, I need a sturdy step stool if I am to reach that shelf and the high cabinets. I will do my best to not let things get too dusty up there. :)

Thank you for all your kind comments!

Tracy said...

Stepheni, try this link instead:


Look to the right side of the page under Site Helper.

Hope this helps!