Friday, February 19, 2010

Home Corners: Living Room

Welcome to my living room! On the toy chest turned coffee table is a red glittering sign reminding me to seek joy daily and an apple cinnamon candle. We won't talk about the stack of library books taking up most of the table! ;)

This is my $30 couch that is so comfy! To the left is the $15 matching chair that is equally  comfortable. I love a good bargain. That is my sweet husband and youngest daughter, Kenzie, on the couch.

Just another angle of the room. The door leads to the hall where the kids' rooms and main bathroom are. That's Kendall's skimboard in the corner. Once his room is painted, it will go in there.

Here are the cane back chairs I picked up for $20 each. They are ugly right now, but I plan to paint them white and recover the seats with a beautiful fabric. They are sturdy and comfortable to sit in. Oh, the mirror is another thrifting treasure. I paid $20 for it, but the original price sticker on the back reads $50.

Just another corner...

This is right next to the front door. I'm not finished with it yet. It needs a little more pizazz, but it is what it is for now.

This is a wide angle shot of the living room. My cherub/angel grouping is on the tv. I love the large picture window that lets in natural light during the day.

Please forgive the pictures. I had to shoot with the flash so the pics wouldn't come out too dark.

Thank you for visiting. Please do come again! 


Rhonda in OK said...

really nice room, Tracy
your $30 sofa is so pretty - and what a good deal.

cathleen said...

OMG, your couch looks just like mine, Tracy. Your house looks way too cozy!!!!!!!!!

The Muse said...

tracy you are inspiring me.
i am going to try and post more pics of home.

i always feel so cozy here :)
totally love your cane back chairs!

Tracy said...

Cathleen - no way! How cool is that?

Anonymous said...

Very lovely living room. You did a great job decorating. How lucky to find such great bargains. Enjoy your cozy home! God bless, Kathy in Illinois

Candy♥ said...

LOVE your home!!!!