Monday, February 22, 2010


Before we moved back to the city, the girls spent the last couple of weeks exploring the Secret Woods along the creek.

They wanted to show me their discovery, this place that was hidden yet full of natural beauty as it has been uncultivated.

Off we go...

A possible "bear track"!
I believe it is a dog print, but I could not bear to quench their thirst for adventure and discovery.

We reached the little creek only after much crouching and creeping...

I should note for those worried parents that it was quite chilly cold so there was no threat of snakes. Shudder!

Tangled mess becomes a place of wonder to the young.

Cold water...

...that flows creating a magical sound.

A quiet place to reflect.... an oasis.

Let us learn from our children and regain our sense of wonder, a spirit of adventure, and a love of learning and discovery.


FlowerLady said...

What a sweet time you had with your girls.


sarah said...

what a fabulous place! oh they're going to miss that!