Sunday, January 03, 2010

My Personal Super Hero

Did I mention that our kitchen sink decided to become clogged on New Year's Eve...when everything shuts down early and is closed New Year's Day? Mama and I made due by washing dishes in the bathtub. Oh, what a horrible back-breaking chore that was for me and I got bruised knees, too!

Alfred spent a great portion of today working on the blasted plumbing. After a couple of trips to Lowe's and $35 later I am happy to report that my sink is draining better than it *ever* has! I was doing the happy dance to be able to finally wash dishes standing at the sink.

I am so thankful that my man knows how to fix things. He saves us untold amounts of money by taking on these DIY projects and I told him so. I praised him and thanked him profusely for his cleverness, problem-solving skills, and being a top-notch handy man. He is just the greatest in my own personal super-hero!


FlowerLady said...

I know exactly how you feel as my DH is my 'super hero' also. It would be interesting to know how much money he has saved us through our 40 years together, not just on repairs but on building projects too. I am thankful and I love being his helper.

It's sure great having things work properly again. Enjoy dishwashing.


Rhonda in OK said...

Your Alfred is a great guy!
I am very thankful for my hubby who is a fix it kind of guy too

We joke about big projects, about how big they are by how many trips to Lowes they will require - little jobs take 1-2 trips, but really big jobs take 5 trips.
and then I usually end up with a sack of unused parts to return.

washing dishes on your knees - yikes! I am glad your mom could help,
I guess we all just do what we have to do, don't we?