Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Low Tide

It has been a low tide time in the homeschool realm with all of our preparations to move. And yet the learning never stops. We have just been living life - visiting the park on nice days, reading stacks of books, watching movies, taking care of pets, painting pictures, playing board & computer games, cooking, cleaning, talking....

Our days unfold naturally with no rushing about, for their is no agenda but to seek joy. I have made it a point to slow down and treasure these moments with my children. In the afternoons we watch a movie, all cuddled up on the couch.

I realize I don't often watch movies because my time is taken up with other things...things that can wait. My children's need for time and attention can not. So we enjoy afternoon movies together, like The Boy Who Could Fly and Heidi.

I am reminded of my own childhood, spending time with my Mama and sisters, connecting while movie-watching. The movies I watched as a child, I now get to share with my own children. Together we are making new memories and connections.

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Jennifer Perkins said...

love this sweet post!