Thursday, January 21, 2010


The skies are gray and cloudy here. We had thunderstorms and heavy downpours beginning yesterday afternoon and lasting until this morning. Though the rain has moved out of the area, the dreariness remains.

The house looks bare. Each day Mama brings me boxes and I quickly fill them with our possessions. I wonder if I will ever finish packing. Of course, I will, but it is overwhelming if I stop and think about it. So I don't think about it. I just do what needs to be done.

Things are moving along with the house. The appraisor was out yesterday and we should have the results by Friday or Monday at the latest. We may close even earlier - on the first instead of the tenth. It is all moving pretty fast...much faster than I expected.

With all of this going on, lately I find myself very tired and ready to go to bed relatively early - even with a mid-day nap. I no longer fight it. Instead I succomb to my need for sleep. It has been a good change for me.

Wishing you a day of blue skies and sunshine! 


Laurie said...

We had a terrible thunderstorm last night and this morning it's very foggy.
Moving is such a hard job. And you know us women are the ones that do all the packing and unpacking. The fellas just move the big furniture!
Take it easy and just do a bit each day.

FlowerLady said...

You are doing what you can with each day. Rest is good. Our bodies tell us when we need to, and right now, you are working and stressing, so enjoy your naps and going to bed early.

Hope you do get in sooner than you think. You are getting closer to move in day whichever day it is.


Annie said...

No blue skies here either. I think our weather is twinning, Tracy. Terrific picture.

Greyhaven Pines said...

Great photo! I love rain and this photo captures it beautifully.

Warm wishes,