Monday, December 07, 2009

My Daybook

Yesterday morning, I discovered a dead dove under the cedar tree that stands beside my bedroom window. I think it must have frozen during the cold, bitter night and fallen out of the tree because it didn't seem to have any injuries. Poor dovie!

Outside my window... it is dark and cold. Waiting on the sunrise.
I am thinking... how nice it is to come after having been gone for a period of time, no matter how short a time.
I am thankful for... friends, old and new.
I am silk pajamas, thick socks, and my pink robe.
I am remembering...that less can be more.
I am go through the stack of magazines that have piled up.
I am reading...inspiring blogs.
I am hoping...Alfred's work picks up soon.
On my mind...Christmas.
From the learning rooms...reading, baking, home ec, computer, nature, etc. - the school of life is a wonderful teacher.
Noticing that...the wind blows fiercely in the Winter, but not during the Summer when you need it most!
Pondering the words... "But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that." 1 Timothy 6:8
From the kitchen... hearty, made from scratch meals.
Around the house... more decluttering, laundry, general cleaning.
One of my favorite things...Jovan Musk for Women perfume.
From my picture journal...

I love the simplicity of this room and it's bright, cheerful colors.
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Patty said...

I agree ~ less can be more. Do we ever get through with decluttering? I need to do some of that today also. Have a great week.

Laurie said...

Poor dove that makes me sad. I always worry about the animals when it is cold outside. I know a lot of people around here keep their dogs outside, I always want to take them a blanket!
Have a great Monday!

Susan in SC said...

Poor little dove! Love the picture of the room. I agree that it is bright and cheerful!!

cathleen said...

Lovely post, Tracy except for the dove. I have lots of wildlife in my yard and every single animal that passes away I always bury them in them back garden and weep.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Mornin' Tracy,

I love the way your blog looks all decorated for Christmas. It's lovely.

Your posts about simplicity are timely for this time of the year, I think. I too, have been trying to simplify some, both in my home, and inside myself. It's easy this time of year to feel carried away by so many things at Christmas time, but I have found if I just do a few things, instead of everything, that I truly feel the meaning of the love, peace and generosity of spirit that this time of year represents for me.

I hope Kenzie is feeling better!


A Stitch In Thyme said...

I'll send a prayer up for Alfred's work!! Hugs to you. Tammy