Monday, December 14, 2009

Mega Decluttering!

I took the opportunity to clean out the girls' room yesterday while they were gone all day with Alfred. It took me four hours to sort through and reorganize their belongings and clean! I did laundry all day, too.

I filled two egg boxes with clothes and threw away those unsuitable to donate. I also filled a trash bag and another box with papers and junk. Their room is now neat as a pin and a peaceful retreat for them to hang out and rest in.

This Spring their room will get a fresh coat of paint {pink} and Alfred is going to build them floor to ceiling book shelves {crisp white} to go on each side of the closet door. Then all that will be needed is a set of curtains, sheets, and a comforter.

What home projects are you working on?


onangelwings said...

At the moment I am working on getting my blog giveaways done and out of the the way. Running a 25 days of Christmas is exhausting. After this week the kids are home and I hope to work with them on some crafts for their grandparents.

Susan in SC said...

Ahh, to clean the kid's room! Now that is a chore I would love to do more often than I do. My boys want to keep every broken toy they have, just in case they 'need' it for another project! LOL!! I could fill up a garbage bag with paper just from my desk. I feel like I am drowning in paper!!

Sandcastle Momma said...

I love that picture! I feel like that quite often LOL

I spent the week after Thanksgiving decluttering and for the moment all is caught up. Of course the day after Christmas I'll have to start all over again LOL

Laurie said...

Good for you! I have plans on rearranging the furniture after Christmas. This will lead no doubt to paring down some items.
Have a wonderful day!

TJ said...

Just finished compiling 91 pages of Christmas stories into a book for Hubby's Christmas gift! It took all day, but it is a great feeling to have it all done :)

I am looking forward to decluttering right after Christmas as we prepare to move. I'm looking forward to 'lightening the load.'

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Wow, your working on decluttering during the Christmas rush. My hat is off to you. I'm just trying to get the daily stuff done and hope that we're ready. My little boys really need their room cleaned out, but that's an ongoing job. They have the smallest room, so it gets pretty cluttered very quickly.