Monday, December 21, 2009

First Day of Winter

We awoke to the southern version of a snow, a thick coating of frost that covered the grounds, roof tops, and cars, with overnight temperatures reaching thirty degrees. There is a misty fog suspended effortlessly over the creek. It gives off an eerie, yet serene feeling.

Over the weekend I made sure to refill the bird feeders and put out cracked corn for the wildlife in the hopes that we would have no more cold-weather casualties.

We went to Bass Pro shop to try to get a picture with Santa, but had no luck. The crowd was ridiculous and the line was way too long. We arrived at 12:30pm, a mere thirty minutes after Santa arrived on the scene, and the next "appointment" available that the elves were handing passes out for was 4:30pm! Perhaps we will have better luck next year?

Today the girls and I will start our holiday baking with fudge and sugar cookies. I have planned an easy dinner planned - chili and crackers - which will warm and nourish us.

What are your plans for today?


Sandcastle Momma said...

So sorry ya'll didn't get to see Santa. Hopefully fudge and sugar cookies will make up for it.

Laurie said...

I don't think I would have wanted to wait that long either!
Sugar cookies and fudge, what fun! I love making Christmas goodies.
Chili sounds really good right now, but I think I will have to wait til' tomorrow so I can soak the beans!
Have fun baking!

Tori said...

Are you kidding? Is the big guy really still that popular?

your sugar cookies and fudge sound yummy. I would love to make some fudge but haven't figured out how with out condensed sweetened milk.

Hope you chili turned out great.

Oh yea and I'm new here, my name is Tori!!! Nice to meet you!