Monday, December 28, 2009

Dreaming of Arts and Crafts

Kenzie received a set of watercolor pencils and watercolor paper and I have been enjoying trying them out. Their colors are much more vibrant than regular color pencils and once I read up on how to use them I find it quite satisfying to sit and draw and then give it a light water wash.

Browsing around on Flickr has me itching to craft and create.

I have decided to allocate myself funds as I am able to buy art supplies. Alfred has his diving. I shall have my arts and crafts! I am not expecting perfection or pressure to create brilliant masterpieces. That kind of thinking only held me back in the past, but no more. I just want to have fun, create, and enjoy the process.

Right now, I have many cross-stitch projects I can work on. I can draw and use Kenzie's watercolor pencils with permission! I can try my hand at decorating cakes and cupcakes {I am really bad at this, so I need lots of practice!}. I can go through my magazines and create collages. I have a pink journal {thanks Joel!} that I have started doodling/drawing in and then I write. I found it quite fun and satisfying.

 Besides going to bookstores and libraries, craft stores are my favorite places to visit!


Rosy Inspiration said...

Wow! Did you do the first picture, that is awesome.

Tracy said...

No, Rosy, I didn't. But itsn't it beautiful?

Laurie said...

I have a list of craft projects that I need to finish, and of course a whole list of things I want to do.
I love getting a new journal for the new year ~

Tammy said...

The great thing about cake decorating is no matter how it looks, it eats good!!

I love your picture collage!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Hi Tracy,

I hope that you and your family have enjoyed a very happy Christmas, and that the coming new year will be full of all good things, for you.

Those of us that feel that same need to be creative, certainly understand how important it is for you to explore that side of yourself. I think, that sometimes, it is very hard to put into words, what we feel. It is almost the same, as needing air to breathe, and water to drink, for some. Much more, than just a way to pass the time. Aren't we lucky, that life's basic needs are met, and that we have this freedom to explore?

Take care my friend.