Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Decluttering and Insulation

Yesterday I decluttered four bags of book. Now all of my books fit onto two of the three shelves of the built in bookcase! Today I'll be doing more cleaning and decluttering, plus rearranging my bedroom.

Last week I was reading on Kate's blog about shrink sealing window kits to help better insulate our home this winter. We purchased two kits that cover up to five windows each and a kit for the sliding glass door. Last night we installed it in the master bedroom and bath, and of course, the temperature was relatively mild. But we'll be able to tell whether or not it really helps in a few days when the temperature drops into the 30s again at night. We spent less than $29 for the kits at Lowe's. Not too bad if it helps keep out the drafts and reduce our electricity bill. I will report on it later in the week.

It is a gray, rainy day. I plan to get my work done earlyon today so I can rest this afternoon. On days like this I feel so tired - even more so than usual.

May you be blessed in all your doings today!


Laurie said...

I can tell our home will need a good decluttering soon. I might wait until after the Christmas! I have been trying to keep away from buying new books and magazines. The price of magazines is ridiculous!
It's raining here today too ~ very gloomy. I feel a nap coming on ~

cathleen said...

I decluttered all the books in the girls bookshelves two weeks ago and had four large bags to take to the thrift store. It felt really GOOD!!!!

A Stitch In Thyme said...

We'll be doing some shrink wrap as well. Until we can afford to do our windows, the draft will remain. We'll caulk them first for a better tightness but they are single pane so the cold just flys through.

I LOVE decluttering!

Suzie Ridler said...

Way to go on the decluttering Tracy! And yes, let us know if those kits work. We just put up plastic over the downstairs windows but my house is still cold! Perhaps those kits are better?