Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Kenzie strikin' poses

Kendall, my handsome boy

Kayla, Kenzie, and my youngest sis Taylor

Various pictures of family...

Someone likes the camera....Kenzie. :)


These are the Diva checks I ordered....super cute!


Rhonda in OK said...

cute collages!

I'm guessing that you are the family money manager and that Alfred won't be writing out too many of those Diva checks....

Tracy said...

LOL, absolutely not! We don't write many checks anyway. I pay most of our bills online & we use our debit card for most purchases.

Laurie said...

Those are some wonderful photos!
Kenzie looks like she is having a blast.
Those checks are pretty, we don't use many either. Once we discovered saving postage by paying bill online are checkbook gets kinda dusty!

destrella said...

Beautiful collages! The underwater pictures came out great. :O)

Susan in SC said...

Love your checks! Kenzie is a doll! She loves the camera as much as my boys!!

Terri said...

Tracy, Do you realize that your routing and account number is easily seen on these check images. Honey, if you can photoshop that out it would be a good idea. They are super cute but you've put yourself in a precarious spot.

Tracy said...

Terri, these are images straight from the place I ordered my checks. They are not my account numbers, but thank you for being concerned about me! :)

Tracy said...

I accidently deleted Terri's comment, so I am posting it myself.

Terri wrote: I hope I didn't offend you...they looked as though they were real! I didn't enlarge to read the name on the checks which might have been a clue. Silly me. I had just been reading another blog that dealt with identity theft then a blog where the woman stated that they'd be gone all week long (an open invitation for someone to 'visit' her!) and I guess my alarms were going off and I lost touch with reality.

Dear Terri,

I was not at all offended! Thank you for showing concern and for sharing your blog friend's story.

I know that identity theft and theft in general is a real problem these days, sadly. We all need the reminder to be more careful of the information we share online. :)

Love, Tracy