Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas Meme

DeNiece had this Christmas Meme up on her blog and it looked like fun! She also has a lovely video of her home. I don't know about you, but I love to see how other women decorate!

About the TREE....

1.When do you put up the Christmas tree? After that weekend at the latest.

2. Real or fake? Fake because it's less expensive in the long-run.

3. Lights? What color? Multi-colored :)

4. Garland? Yes, an icicle garland and a red tinsel garland.

5. Theme or no theme? No theme

6. What kind of topper? A lit star - simple, yet pretty.

7. What's your favorite ornament? My gingerbread ornaments, nativity balls, purple glitter balls, crystal hearts...there's too many to choose between.

8. What does your tree skirt look like? A red check cloth.

9. Where do you put your tree? Along the right wall - directly in front of the door.

10. Who decorates the tree? . The girls decorated it after I did the lights and garlands.

11.What's "under" the tree? Nothing....I have Mr. Cheeky (Yorkie puppy) who still likes to chew things!

12. Do you put candy canes on your tree? No, the girls would eat them all :)

About the FOODS....

1. What's your favorite Christmas cookie? Sugar Cookies and Oatmeal, Raisin, and Chocolate Chip

2. Do you bake cookies and give them away? Yes, to neighbors and friends.
3. Any "special" foods or candy that you only have at Christmas time? A dessert item that is chocolate pudding topped with cool whip & crushed peppermints....can't remenber the name of it though!

4. What do you eat Christmas EVE?  Snacky type foods since we have to cook aChristmas dinner the next day.
5. What do you eat on Christmas day? Christmas dinner, of course! ;)
6. Do you like Eggnog?? I did as a kid, but not now. I prefer hot cocoa with mini-marshmallows.

7. Do you like candy canes? Yes, I love peppermints any time of the year.

1. Where do you hang your stockings? In the hall way since we don't have a fireplace and no room in the living room.

2. Do you put lights on your house? No, trying to save electricity!

3. Got any outside lawn decorations? No, although I'd like to one day....

4. Do you put up a nativity (crèche)? This is another thing I'd like to do, but I'm picky....I want one that is really pretty.

5. Do you hang mistletoe over the door? No, where do you buy mistletoe?

6. Got a wreath on your front door? No

7. How long does it take you to decorate? A couple hours...

About the movies/show

1 . Favorite Children's Xmas TV show/cartoon? Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas!!!!

2. Wonderful Life/Miracle on 34th St/A ChristmasCarol (Scrooge) - It's a Wonderful Life

3. Favorite Christmas movie?? A Christmas Story

4. Have you ever seen the Nutcracker Suite Ballet live? No

5. Ever been to the Radio City Music Hall Christmasshow?? No.

6. Ever gone to the movies on Xmas Day? No

Other Christmas things....

1. Favorite Christmas book or story? Twas the Night Before Christmas

2. Do you stuff your stockings with any types of food? Does candy count?

3. Do you go to church on Christmas or Christmas Eve? No
4. Have you ever gone Caroling? No, but it sounds like fun!
5. Favorite Christmas Carol? Winter Wonderland

6. Do you believe in Santa? Yes

7. Do you leave Santa cookies? Yes we do.
8. What about Rudolph...We don't leave out reindeer food.
9. What was your best Christmas gift? Seeing my family together and happy.

10. What was the worst/most odd gift? I can't think of anything...

11. Do you go to a "work" Christmas party? We go to Alfred's Army NG party for his unit, plus one for his work.

12. Do you hate going? Kinda

13. Do you send Christmas cards? Only a few to family & friends far away.

14. Do you make a "list"? Yes

15. Do you check it twice? & thrice & etc...Of course!

16.When do you start shopping? Usually throughout the year, but Alfred & I are going shopping together this Saturday. I can't wait!

17.Do you shop on Black Friday? No, never! You couldn't pay me to deal with all the crowds & craziness!


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Rhonda in OK said...

Hi Tracy
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Thanks for entering - and I enjoyed reading our meme