Saturday, December 05, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

My, oh my, it's cold out today! The girls are  on their way to a Christmas parade in Foley with our neighbor. They are bundled up like little Eskimos and I just hope they are warm enough. Our town will hold their parade tonight at 6:30pm. It's a day of holiday magic to hit two parades in a day and come home with candy galore!

I've been up since 4am. Our Yorkie, Chico (or Mr. Cheeky as I like to call him), was scratching at my door  alerting me to his need to go out. So I took both him and Gracie out. There was a stiff North wind blowing and made it seem all the more colder. There was no lolly-gagging around outside this morning for the dogs. Once they went potty, they were ready to return indoors!

So far, I have discarded two out of three bags of stuff and have begun to fill a third bag. I can see my problem is that I still want to hold onto stuff - books, magazines, knic-knacks, etc. I am going to have to get ruthless and radical, I'm afraid. What if I want to read a particular book or magazine? Ugh...I don't want to hang on to things that I have no use for, nor things that add no joy or beauty to my life. The simple fact is, clutter weighs me down. In order to create the life I desire, changes must be made.
With that, I am off to clean house and declutter more stuff. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Stay warm and cozy!


Laurie said...

Hi Tracy,
I have a big problem with books and magazines. I finally bit the bullet and got rid of lots of books. As for magazines I went through and cut out articles or favorite pictures and put them in a binder using those clear docutment protectors. I have one that just holds Romantic Homes and Victoria Magazines!
Stay warm!

Genie Sea said...

Letting go of some things can be very hard, but extremely satisfying once that step is taken. Best of luck! :)

Rose Haven said...

It's cold here, too - high of 32 for today! Stiff north wind, also! Feels like winter is here. Our 2 pups didn't want to spend an extra second outside today either!! (A Maltese and a Havanese - 16 months and 9 months old)

I'm a discarder...I don't hang onto anything I don't think I need right then. And, I've NEVER had the experience of needing or wanting something I've gotten rid it makes it easy to continue to be a discarder.

Declutter is the BIG word...everywhere! It does unclutter not only your surroundings, but carries over into your life in other ways, too.


Laura said...

What an inspiring blog post.
I feel relaxed and hopeful having read it.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Rhonda in OK said...

I like to keep things de-cluttered but sometimes I do get rid of something and want it later.
But for the most part, it is so nice to be able to find just what I want and to open cabinets and not not have things fall out.

I am pretty ruthless when I am really decluttering.
But if you are really in doubt, keep that item for a while and see if you do use it.

GooseBreeder said...

The more you let go the more will arrive of what you really want.