Friday, November 06, 2009

Riches in Simplicity

I've been enjoying warm afternoons working out in the yard. Yesterday I planted four azalea bushes and moved my hydrangea plant from the back to the front yard. Tomorrow, I'll be weeding the flower beds one last time. I must enjoy these Indian Summer days while they last.

But as the weather turns cold, my time will be spent indoors. I will dream and plan for Spring's return. There is much to do around our little homestead. I want to try container gardening this year since our soil is so poor, install a clothesline, plant more flowers, repaint my swing.

I'll spend more time preparing comfort foods, baking, stitching, and doing work indoors. As a family we'll watch movies, both inspirational and holiday specials, read uplifting books, listen to music, have conversations on all sorts of things.

After being inspired by Mia, I am thinking of how nice it would be to eat outdoors occasionally come Spring time and use lanterns in the evenings instead of electricity. I would also like to have company over for dinner more often and be able to welcome people into my home without hesitation - not because our home is perfectly, we do live here! - but because our home is peaceful, welcoming, cozy and full of charm.

I imagine that my dream of a simple life is rather unique these days (no one I know seems to seek simplicity...I have found kindred spirits online, of course!).  I don't mind swimming against the tide, for I want a slower, gentler life for me and my family.

A simple life has the potential to be rich in the things that really matter: love, joy, peace, contentment, purpose, and satisfaction. When one clears away the excess then life may be fully lived - to the full, overflowing in an adundance  of treasured moments and memories, experiences, and enjoyable past-times.

While the idea of simplicity appears to be an oxymoron (the simple life isn't necessarily easy), the hard work boosts your self-confidence because you know how to do things yourself, you sleep better at night, and the work is satisfying and good for you.

Becoming more attuned with nature is like discovering a secret mystery. There are things to look forward to with each passing season. One pays more attention to the weather cycles. The wildlife whispers its wisdom. Oh, the riches it has to offer us!


Not Hannah said...

I think this sounds lovely...and a lot like my plans for the future, as well.

Grace said...

I particulary like what you say in the last paragraph; that's my main motivation.

mountainmama said...

you are so inspiring, tracy! :) thank you so much for writing your blog. for sharing your warm feelings, gentle ways and wisdom :)

Emily said...

I love visiting your blog! We have had warm weather too - T-shirt weather! It's been so different from our normal Falls.

You are very inspiring and I enjoying my visit today!

Laurie said...

Doing as much as you can yourself does bring a lot of satisfaction. Sometimes it amazes me what people will pay for others to do when they could do it themselves.
Many people around here don't go in for the simple,old~fashioned way of living. I think I'm the only one who hangs out their clothes on a clothsline!
Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!

sarah said...

Beautiful as always. I like your sweet new header too.

Kerrie said...

What a sweet and soothing site! Very heartwarming! Kerrie

Mrs. Staggs said...

This is a lovely post Tracey. I think you write so well, and I'm glad to see you gaining more and more confidence to share your feelings and stories here.

I often think back to when I was first married. My husband and I lived in a little yellow house, with a great big garden full of old fashioned flowering shrubs, like lilacs, forsythia and snowballs. There was a great big pine tree that we could see from the front window, and an old fashioned stove in the kitchen. We didn't have a whole lot back then, but we did have two cats in the yard, and an old deep bathtub, and oh so much love. Those were some of the happiest days of my life. I think that those of us who love nature, are never really lonely. There is indeed much within it to comfort us, and keep us company.

Deborah said...

I agree with your post, there are not many people out in the world we live in that embraces simplicity living, let alone even think about it. We too are on this journey towards a quiet, simple life, one full of pleasures to be experienced each day. It is nice to know that there is at least one other kindred spirit in Alabama. Like everyone who posted before me, this one was good.