Monday, November 02, 2009

My Daybook

FOR TODAY...November 2nd from Tracy's Daybook

Outside my window... a chilly morn, red-tail hawks calling out across the sky, more leaves falling from the trees.
I am thinking... Christmas is fast approaching!
I am thankful for... having enough..
I am wearing...pajamas and my pink robe.
I am remembering... how warm and comfy my bed is!
I am going... to spend some time raking and weeding in the yard this afternoon.
I am reading... a stack of library books with the girls.
I am hoping... Alfred has a good day at work.
On my mind... living a beautiful life on a budget.
From the learning rooms... reading, writing, math, and more...
Noticing that... bread and milk prices have risen, along with gasoline prices.
Pondering these words...
Anyone can carry his burden, however hard, until nightfall. Anyone can do his work, however hard, for one day. Anyone can live sweetly, patiently, lovingly, purely, till the sun goes down. And this is all life really means. ~Robert Louis Stevenson
From the kitchen... chili for dinner and perhaps peanut butter cookies?
Around the house... there is laundry, dishes, cooking, baking, cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming.
One of my favorite things... family get-togethers.
From my picture journal...

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mountainmama said...

beautiful~ :) and what a great quote, thanks for sharing!

Ariadone said...

Hello Tracy. Your new lay-oyt is beautiful. I love the colours and the little drawing-pictures in de sidebar......thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.
Be well,

ruth said...

"Living beautiful life on budget" ... that's what I have in my mind these days and you put that in words beautifully. I'm glad I visited today.
Lovely picture, too.

Love Bears All Things said...

Well, good morning, fellow Alabamian.
I wonder where you are located. I have yet to meet a blogger in person who wasn't related. It would be nice to get together.
I like the picture of the Chickadees. I love seeing them at the feeder and hearing the noises they make when they scold me for being nearby.
Chili is always good this time of year.
I need to learn new ways to live on a budget, too. Especially for when Honey Bear retires. I'm going to miss that paycheck.
Mama Bear

Laurie said...

Hi Tracy ~
what a pretty picture ~
I have been thinking of Christmas too, its really not that far away!
I love the cottage you have in your header and your new photo!

A Stitch In Thyme said...

I love the quote Tracy!! I also love that you share bits with us. Pj's and robe, how comfortable. Chili (with cornbread in our home) while the seasons change, good eats. PB cookies, hubs would love. Reading from the library, my kids. I am reminded how much bounty God has given me through my years. For every bad there has been a good. I am grateful. Hugs friend. Tammy

A Gracious Home said...

Living within your means gives you a peaceful home. I enjoyed your daybook. Thanks for sharing. The picture is beautiful. Your blog is very nice. Dolene