Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Change of Heart part 6

In the meantime, Eliza had been reading her Bible and felt in her spirit that she needed to pray NOW! She began to pray fervently...

A couple hours later, the phone rang. "Hello?" Eliza said into the receiver. "Is this Mrs. Clark?" the voice asked. "Yes, it is." she replied. "Mrs. Clark, this is Dr. Piper at Memorial Hospital. Your husband was in a car accident." the doctor said calmly.

"Oh dear! he alive?" Fear had taken hold of her heart. "Yes ma'am, he is alive. He has a concussion from a head injury and he has some cuts and bruises, but he is in stable condition." "Thank you Dr. Piper. I'll be there soon." Eliza said.

The phone rang again, this time it was Eliza's best friend, Reba, on the phone. "I was thinking of you, Eliza, and thought I should call." Reba explained. "Reba, Tyler has been in an accident and I have to go to Memorial Hospital right away!" Eliza blurted out in a hurry. "I'll be there in five minutes," and the line went dead.

Eliza and Reba had been best friends since they were in grade school. Eliza was in Kindergarten and Reba was in second grade. Reba lived across the street caddy-cornered from Eliza and they walked each morning to the bus stop together. After school Reba usually came over to play until her mother called her home for dinner.

Eliza had always looked up to Reba, being that she was older. Her skin would tan in the summer sun and she had the longest, prettiest fingernails. Eliza envied her for Reba's dark looks while she, herself, was blonde, fair skinned, and had a face full of freckles.

Together they loved to sing and dance, or pretend to be gymnasts outside in the yard doing flips like running walkovers, cartwheels, and round-offs. They made up little clubs, climbed trees, played Clue and jacks, played in the sprinkler, and had sleepovers.

So having Reba with her to go see Tyler was a great comfort to Eliza. Reba had always been there when she needed her and vice versa. As she approached the nurse's desk, she took a deep breath and said, "My husband was in an accident and was brought here."

"What's his name, ma'am?" the nurse asked. "Tyler Clark." Eliza said pensively. The nurse checked her chart, "Here he is....he is in room 142." "May I see him?" Eliza asked.

"Yes ma'am, but don't stay too long. He needs his rest. I'll send the doctor 'round to see you." "Thank you very much." Eliza said with a weak smile.

She and Reba found Tyler's room. "I'll wait out here for you." Reba said grasping her hand. Eliza took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. "Hey babe." Tyler said with an unconvincing grin, trying to sound nonchalant. She hurried to his bedside and hugged him tight. "Oh, Tyler!" A tear escaped and slid slowly down her flushed cheek.

"Ouch....take it easy babe. I'm gonna be okay." he said trying to reassure her. "Ooops, I am sorry, " she said quickly releasing him. "No need to apologize. How did you get here?" he asked. "Reba brought me. What happened?" she asked anxiously.

Tyler told her all about his accident - what he could remember anyway. "The car is totaled babe." Tyler said. "I don't care about the car. We can get another car. I'm just glad you are alive." she stated emphatically.

"He is a lucky man, Mrs. Clark." Eliza turned to face Dr. Piper. He extended his hand and introduced himself. "How serious is his condition doctor?" she asked immediately. "We would like to keep him overnight for observation, of course. But as long as there are no problems he can go home first thing in the morning." Eliza smiled. "Now, he's going to be quite sore for a while and I am advising him to take at least a week off from work..."

"Aww, come on doc!" Tyler interrupted. "I can't afford to be off work that long." "I am afraid you have no choice in the matter. I am not releasing you from doctor's care until I can be sure you are well enough to return to your job." he said firmly. "Look, I know times are hard right now - but you have to take care of yourself now or it will cost you much more in the long run." Dr. Piper said sympathetically. "Alright, doc. You win." Tyler submitted.

"Well now, I will leave you two alone. If there are any problems, Tyler, ring for the nurse. Mrs. Clark..." he said nodding his head to her. "Thank you, doctor." she said gratefully.

She and Reba spent a little time with Tyler when he noticed that Eliza looked tired and weak. "Reba take this little Mama home so she can get some rest." Reba looked wide-eyed at Eliza, "You're going to have a baby?" Eliza nodded her head yes, smiling.

"I'm finally going to be an aunty. Aunty Reba!" Reba was so happy for Eliza, for she knew that she longed to have babies - but thought that it was impossible. After all, she and Tyler had been married ten years and had never used any kind of protection. But the good Lord always knew what was best and His timing was never late.

To be continued...

Copyright by Tracy Hathcock

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