Monday, November 09, 2009

A Change of Heart part 3

Great Aunty Rose had been an inspiration to her throughout her life. She was also her mentor. They spent time together each week. Eliza picked her up on Thursdays so they could both do their grocery shopping and enjoy lunch out. When everyone else told Eliza to lay the law down to Tyler concerning his drinking, Aunty Rose was sympathetic yet firmly believed in "until death do us part". She was a prayer warrior who had witnessed many miracles in her life. None greater than her marriage to Uncle John or Rascal as he was known in town.

Uncle John had been a drinking man. He was the rough and tumble cowboy type. He had worked on a cattle ranch most of his life. When he wasn't working he spent his time and his money in the honky tonk clubs on the outskirts of town. He was ruggedly handsome and a charmer. All the ladies loved him. They hung around him like bees on honey. Naturally, he loved all of the attention, but he wasn't interestetd in anything other than a good time - until he met Aunty Rose at the general store.

The general store is where Aunty Rose worked. One day Rascal came in all cocky with lopsided grin to buy supplies for the ranch. He tried to charm Aunty Rose, but she wasn't having it. She was polite, of course, but she was not about to lose her dignity by associating with the likes of such ruffians!

Rascal didn't know what to think of Rose. While he had all the other women in town eating out of his hand, this woman wanted nothing to do with him. It was a good thing he liked a challenge!

Aunty Rose was indeed a challenge...more than he bargained for. She made him work hard to win her love. He liked to teasingly call her Primrose for she was always so prim and proper. She had her standards and would not lower them for anyone.

As they spent more time together, she learned of John's painful past. While everyone in town called him Rascal, she always called him John for she felt that there was more to him than meets the eye. He was loud and a braggart. He laughed heartily and told coarse jokes. But with Rose he was tender, soft-spoken, almost shy. He was very gentlemanly with her.

Despite her best intentions, John eventually wore down her defenses and she found herself thinking of him often. She didn't want to admit it but she was falling in love with John. They married the following April and went on to have three daughters and five sons.

Much to Rose's chagrin, life with John was not a bed of roses. He soon went back to his former ways. But she loved him fiercely and was determined to stand by her man no matter the cost. She was always tender and forgiving with him and eventually won him over to the Lord without a word.

When the Lord touched his heart, he was radically changed. So sorrowful was he for hurting Rose with his foolishness, he spent the rest of his life trying to make it up to her. He became a devoted family man. The Rascal in him had finally been tamed.

It was easy to see why Eliza loved and admired her Aunty Rose so much. She knew what it was like to be heart-broken and yet come out on the other side victoriously. Eliza hoped and prayed fervently for the same outcome for her own marriage. She and Aunty Rose stood together in prayer that Tyler would be delivered from drinking and would give his heart to the Lord.

To be continued....

Copyright by Tracy Hathcock

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