Friday, October 23, 2009

Who is Rich?

Who is rich? He who rejoices in his portion. ~The Talmud

Who or what determines how rich we are? Is it the amount of money in our checking account or what society deems acceptable for living the "good" life? Is it fashionable clothes, restaurant meals, huge holiday celebrations?

I say not.

Each of us must decide for ourselves what our "rich" life consists of. We must, also, be true to ourselves. Here are some questions to consider:

~ Are we generous with our time, talents, money, and possessions?
~ Do we help those in need or turn away?
~ Are we choosing quality over quantity?
~ Are our homes havens of rest or has chaos and clutter taken over?
~ Are we trying to keep up with Joneses? Why?
~ What really matters to us in this life?
~ What are our priorities?
~ What legacy do we wish to leave behind?

Just some thoughts to ponder....


Diane said...

Good thoughts and great questions to ask! Thanks. :O)

mountainmama said...

ooh great post! and i love that talmud quote. thank you for these thoughts~~